Moissanite Clarity

Clarity of Moissanite

Very similar to diamonds, the clarity of Moissanite stones such as our resplendent Moissanite line is VS on the GIA scale. This means you can barely see the impurities, and it is very difficult to detect impurities even under a jeweler's eyeglasses with a 10x magnification.

Clarity refers to how clean or clear a gemstone is with respect to natural microscopic characteristics that were trapped within while the gemstone was forming. Internal characteristics are known as inclusions, and characteristics on the surface of the gem are known as blemishes.

Since moissanite is essentially all lab-created using natural elements, we are able to control the entire process and ensure the highest quality gemstone with the greatest care in regards to moissanite clarity.

Clarity Levels

FL-IL                   Flawless to internally flawless

VV1-VV2             Very very slight inclusions

VS1-VS2             Very slight inclusions

SI1-SI2               Slightly included

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