Moissanite Cut

There is different type of cuts in diamond as following:

Excellent Cut

  • Description: The highest quality cut, allowing light to reflect from the diamond's table, resulting in the maximum sparkle.
  • Characteristics: Offers the highest level of brilliance and sparkle.

Brilliant / Very Good Cut
  • Description: Similar to an excellent cut but with slightly less sparkle, noticeable when examined closely.
  • Characteristics: Provides a very good level of brilliance, though not at the same level as an excellent cut.

Good Cut

  • Description: Offers moderate reflection and sparkle. Some light may reflect to the bottom of the diamond, affecting the overall brilliance.
  • Characteristics: Provides a good balance between quality and price.

Fair Cut

  • Description: Fair cut diamonds have limited brilliance, as light easily exits through the bottom and sides.
  • Characteristics: Offers less sparkle and brilliance compared to better-cut diamonds.

Poor Cut

  • Description: Poor cut diamonds have minimal sparkle, brilliance, and fire. Light easily escapes from the sides and bottom.
  • Characteristics: Yields the least desirable visual effects and is generally considered lower in quality.

The cut quality of a diamond plays a crucial role in its overall appearance and value. It's important for consumers to consider cut quality along with other factors such as color, clarity, and carat weight when selecting a diamond. A well-cut diamond can enhance its beauty and brilliance, making it a more desirable and valuable gem.

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