Collection: RING

Collection: RING

A Love Story as Timeless as Moissanite Engagement Ring

Our moissanite engagement rings are to die for! From shapes to cuts, everything has been designed to suit the unique taste of people who love and adore the sparkle of hip-hop culture.

Iced Out 1990 is different from your regular jewelry website. We take pride in our inspiration from the iconic hip-hop culture.

Some of the most popular moissanite engagement rings that have received excellent reviews from our customers include:

  • Double Halo Twisted Round Cut Moissanite Diamond Ring Set For Women:
  • The double halo design accentuates mesmerizing round cut moissanite, while the twisted band adds a touch of modern romance.

  • Luxury Design Moissanite Diamond Eternity Engagement Ring:
  • The intricate design showcases the eternal sparkle of moissanite diamonds, symbolizing everlasting love and commitment.

  • Halo Iced Out Oval Cut Moissanite Diamond Ring For Women:
  • This ring reflects elegance and urban flair. It captures the essence of hip-hop culture in a timeless design.

  • Beautiful Round And Baguette Shape Moissanite Engagement Ring:

  •   The combination of round and baguette-shaped stones creates a stunning visual effect. This ring is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a unique design.

  • 1 Carat Round Cut Moissanite Miami Cuban Chain Hip Hop Ring:
  • Redefine hip-hop chic with our 1 Carat Round Cut Miami Cuban Chain Hip Hop Ring. This ring brings the iconic Miami Cuban chain design to your fingertips, adorned with a brilliant 1-carat round cut moissanite.

    These rings are available in metal options such as 925 sterling silver, 10K gold, 14K gold and 18K gold.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What makes a moissanite engagement ring special?
    Answer: Moissanite engagement rings are renowned for their brilliant sparkle and durability, closely rivaling diamonds. Unlike traditional diamonds, moissanite stones are lab-created, ensuring ethical sourcing. Their exceptional hardness makes them resistant to scratches and suitable for everyday wear. Moissanite engagement rings blend modern elegance and timeless design, perfect for those who cherish unique style and sustainable luxury.

    Q2. How does the longevity of a moissanite engagement ring compare to a diamond ring?
    Answer: Moissanite engagement rings boast impressive longevity, almost equivalent to that of diamonds. Ranking just below diamonds on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, moissanite is highly resistant to scratches and everyday wear and tear. A moissanite engagement ring is an excellent choice for longevity, retaining its sparkle and structure over time, making it an ideal symbol of eternal love.

    Q3. Are there different styles of moissanite engagement rings available?
    Answer: Yes, our collection features diverse styles of moissanite engagement rings designed to suit any personal taste. From the sumptuous double halo and twisted bands to the bold Miami Cuban chain style, our rings range from classic elegance to hip-hop-inspired luxury. Each ring magnifies the moissanite's radiance, with options in various metal types, including sterling silver and different karats of gold.

    Q4. How do I choose the perfect moissanite engagement ring?
    Answer: Choosing the perfect moissanite engagement ring involves considering personal style, the ring's design, and metal preference. Reflect on your partner's fashion sense—whether they love a traditional look or something avant-garde. Evaluate our diverse range, from halo designs to rings that echo the hip-hop culture's vibrancy. Remember, the right ring should resonate with the wearer's individuality and commitment.

    Q5. Can I customize a Moissanite engagement ring?
    Answer: Yes! Customizing a Moissanite engagement ring is possible. Personalization adds a meaningful touch to your symbol of commitment. Whether altering an existing design or creating something bespoke, you can select the moissanite's cut, size, setting style, and metal type—ranging from sterling silver to various karats of gold. Customization ensures your engagement ring is as unique as your love story.