Collection: PENDANTS

Collection: PENDANTS

Shine Brighter with Moissanite Hip Hop Pendants

At Iced Out 1990, style and hip-hop vibes come together in our incredible collection of Moissanite Hip-Hop Pendants. These fabulous pieces aren't just jewelry – they're a way to show appreciation and love for the iconic hip-hop culture.

Our Moissanite Hip-Hop Initials Pendants in metals such as 925 sterling silver, 10K gold, 14K gold, and 18K gold aren't your average necklaces – they're personalized to let you rock your style. These pendants are crafted with care and blend craftsmanship and classic taste!

If you're feeling a spiritual vibe, our Moissanite Jesus Pendant is a must-see. It's not just a pendant; it's a shining symbol of faith. It perfectly combines spirituality and hip-hop swag, with moissanite stones bringing the bling.

Our Moissanite Hip-Hop Pendant collection has something for everyone. Moissanite Diamond Cross Pendant mixes the classic cross with the modern sparkle of moissanite. Whether you're repping your faith or looking for a stylish piece, this pendant is a winner.

The Moissanite Double Row Heart Photo Pendant lets you carry your favorite memories on your neck. Customize it with a photo that means a lot to you, and let the moissanite stones add some extra shine. It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but way cooler!

Whether you're into the boldness of initials, feeling the spiritual vibes with Jesus, rocking the classic look with a diamond cross, or cherishing memories with a double-row heart photo pendant – we've got you covered.

At Iced Out 1990, we get that hip-hop is constantly changing. That's why our Moissanite Hip-Hop Pendants aren't just accessories – they're a way to express yourself in the ever-evolving hip-hop world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are moissanite hip-hop pendants?
Moissanite hip-hop pendants are stylish and iconic pieces that blend hip-hop culture with sophistication. Crafted with moissanite stones and available in 925 sterling silver, 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, these pendants offer a unique way to express personal style and appreciation for hip-hop vibes.

Q2. What makes moissanite hip-hop pendants special?
Moissanite hip-hop pendants uniquely combine hip-hop swag with spiritual and classic elements. Each piece blends modern sparkle with timeless significance, from initials to religious symbols and photo pendants.

Q3. How can I enhance my style with moissanite hip-hop pendants?
You can express your evolving hip-hop identity with bold initials, spiritual symbols like Jesus, classic diamond crosses, and personalized photo pendants by wearing moissanite hip-hop pendants.

Q4. What materials are moissanite hip-hop pendants made of?
These pendants are available in 925 sterling silver, 10K, 14K, or 18K gold, offering flexibility and durability for diverse styles and preferences.

Q5. What makes moissanite hip-hop pendants from Iced Out 1990 stand out?
Iced Out 1990's moissanite hip-hop pendants represent a blend of craftsmanship, enduring design, and a touch of hip-hop culture, an innovative way to express individuality and appreciation for the ever-changing hip-hop world.